Monday, September 10, 2007

Entrepreneur Issue! Nothing wrong with a Life style business!

Speaking to entrepreneurs everyday has lead me to believe that most entrepreneurs really like to build a Life Style business and are not in tune with what motivates Venture Capital firms or Angels to invest.

So what the heck is a Life business?

1. You build it to operate for many years to come
2. It will generate good income for you and you absolutely love doing the job
3. you want to be in control – who needs a boss!
4. This would be a great business for my children to get involved with

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes … well you are on your way to build a Life Style business. Where you do not need a very very large market sizes, you do not need disturbing technology, you do not need a proven management team from Ivy league schools, you do not have to report to a board who is pushing for faster and more aggressive results all the time, and most importantly you do not need to exit (sell out).

So what is wrong with starting a Life Style business – well absolutely nothing, but do not expect making millions in a couple of years, be patient with growth, be prepared to put your name on the dotted line as a guarantor.


Frank said...

great commentary and right on the mark! I appreciate your philosophy: start executing now!

Frank Peters