Monday, June 18, 2007

Why bootstrap your business? 2- Some Good Reasons

There is just too much to say about the topic and I have been warned about being too verbose with lengthily postings so this is a 3 posting series. Following is the first posting:

Some Good reasons to Bootstrap

1- Bootstrapping ensures that you build your business on legitimate, real world value propositions. You truly focused on customer value from day one.

2- Bootstrapping initiates the critical sales learning process sooner, not later.

3-Bootstrapping does not waste money: the focus here is on the early and closer customer contact.

4- Bootstrapping accelerates time to market and time to profitability – if you can not possibility wait for the next version to get ready, you compromise and try to make money from what you have.

5-Bootstrappers are less likely to make big, fatal financial mistakes. Being alert about survival makes people much more alert about catching fatal mistakes.

6- Bootstrappers are forced into unconventional thinking – necessity is truly the mother of invention.

7-Bootstrappers have more freedom and flexibility – when you take money you become slaved to the business plan.

8- Bootstrappers end up owning much more of what they create – and that is a good thing.

Coming next a few words about when you should not bootstrap & some of the negatives.


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